Big Stick Photo Gallery


Herein lies a collection of team photos and jersey pictures of uniforms
done by our fine workers.


hornets2.jpg (29564 bytes) Team Photos

These youngsters from New Jersey are proudly wearing their
uniforms from Big Stick. View many more team photos here.

bubbles-juno.jpg (21303 bytes) "Potpourri  of Jerseys" for 100, Alex

A hodge-podge of various jerseys we've done.

rj.jpg (13526 bytes) The Printed Crest Gallery

You'd be surprised at who's wearing our jerseys.
Have a look at some of the crests we've printed.

msn-close-up.jpg (25650 bytes) Embroidered Crest Gallery

Top-of-the-line embroidered crests here.

stahls-small.jpg (25019 bytes) Twill Crests

A gallery of crests done with twill appliques and sewn together.

sabrecats-back.jpg (21829 bytes) The Backs of Jerseys

A collection of pics of the backs of shirts.

leaf-fan.jpg (24601 bytes) Hockey, Hockey, Hockey

Though unrelated to hockey jerseys, we just had to put this picture up.
Click here for a few more photos for your enjoyment.


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