Player Numbers & Names


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Sewn-on Twill Numbers & Names
twill-rectangle.jpg (8557 bytes) What is Sewn-on Twill?

When both looks and durability are important, twill numbers are best.
Twill must be sewn to the jersey, giving your sweaters a professional look.

font-rectangle.jpg (6333 bytes) Prices and Available Fonts in Twill

Over 22 styles to choose from and growing!

Transfer Film Numbers & Names
film-rectangle.jpg (8632 bytes) What is Transfer Film?

When economy is important, heat transfer numbers are your best choice. Also known as "Film" numbers, these are made of a poly-something-or-other material with and adhesive backing to permanently bond to the shirt. Longer lasting than screen-printed numbers....and better looking.

round-font-rectangle.jpg (7737 bytes) Prices and Available Fonts in Film

Over 13 styles to choose from!


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