Transfer Film Numbers and Names

Film numbers and names are an economical alternative to sewn-on twill while providing better quality
than screen printing. They are permanently adhered to the jersey and will not peel off!

number-23.jpg (36195 bytes)


Your numbers and names are cut from durable film and applied directly the jersey using a heat transfer press.

cutter.jpg (6618 bytes) cummings-68.jpg (9854 bytes)
Computer cut ensures quality and precision. Heat applied to never come off!


The completed numbers have a matte finish. What's more, they cover over all mesh holes
making them sharper and better looking than screen printed numbers.

transfer-8.jpg (9372 bytes) screen-printed-8.jpg (25543 bytes)
Our film numbers. Their screen printed numbers.
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Close-up photos comparing film vs.screen printed numbers.



Prices and fonts for film names and numbers


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