Custom Sublimated Jerseys

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With sublimated jerseys, all names, numbers crests, sponsors and your unique design are all dyed into the jersey.
For a description and examples, go here.

For one price you get:

- Air knit jerseys done with your unique design. Go crazy.
- All logos, front and shoulder, any size, in unlimited colours, dyed in.
- As many sponsor logos as you've got sponsors.
- Multi-colour numbers on the back, sleeves and even on the front if you'd like.
- Multi-colour player names. Choose your font for names and numbers.
- Add, flags, stop signs, league logos, etc.

Custom Sublimated Jersey Prices


12-24 $69 CAN each*
25-49 $67.00
50+ $64.00
There is a one-time art fee of $95.00 on your initial order.
* Prices based on Jango brand jerseys. Prices with other manufacturers may vary.
Check Jango sizes.

Production time can vary but 6-7 weeks from beginning to end is typical.
There is a minimum of 12 jerseys for your first order.


Your idea Artist's rendering
cheetah-drawing.jpg (20053 bytes) cheetah-final.jpg (25081 bytes)
This shows how your idea can come to fruition from a sketch. The drawing was done by a grade school student and our artist took care of the rest.


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