Materials for Custom Jerseys


Below are materials that are used to make custom jerseys. Often more than one material can be used in the jerseys
Some materials do not work well with certain patterns. Contact us with any questions you may have.


heavy-mesh.jpg (13946 bytes) -
Heavy Mesh

A durable material noted for it's large mesh holes that allow
better air flow through the jersey. Also referred to as
" 150 Denier Pro Mesh" and "Superstar Mesh" .

knit.jpg (15493 bytes) Air Knit
(Type 1)

"Air knit" is a generic term we use to describe jersey material
with a tighter weave. It's feel varies with each manufacturer and often has a
different name such as "Flow Knit", "Pro Vent" and more. Some manufacturers
use this air knit material pictured on the left and others use the one shown below.

aero-knit.jpg (12688 bytes) Air Knit
(Type 2)

Some manufacturers us a second type of air knit identified by
it's "rabbit tracks" pinholes. It has a softer feel than the above mentioned
Air Knit.

light-mesh.jpg (13169 bytes) Light Mesh

A material favoured by those who play in hot temperatures.
It's mesh holes and lighter guage make it breathe better than the rest.
Also known as "mid-weight mesh" and "polymesh" it works
best in simple jersey patterns.

dazzle.jpg (14982 bytes) Dazzle

This shiny material often used in basektball uniforms
is sometimes used as trim and striping for hockey jerseys.

porthole.jpg (15459 bytes) Porthole Mesh

Note the huge holes in this material. It is used as a ventilation
panel on the sides of some hockey jerseys.



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