Custom Team Hockey Jerseys


Most hockey sweaters on our web site can be custom made for you in your team's colours.


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  There is a minimum order of 12 shirts.

Time:    It usually take 4 to 6 weeks to have the shirts made depending on the time of year and the manufacturer of the sweaters. Then add time for cresting and numbering.

Prices: Generally speaking, custom jerseys will be about 20% higher in cost than the same stock jerseys listed on our other pages. Prices and sizes will vary according to which manufacturer is used to make your shirts.

Have a look at the pages below and let us know what you need . We can then give you a quote for the jerseys.

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Pick a Pattern

Choose a jersey striping pattern and substitute your team's colours.
Almost all jerseys that appear on our website can be custom made in your colours.

teal-air-knit-square.jpg (6208 bytes) Choose The Materials Used To Make your Team Jerseys
square-V-neck.jpg (5024 bytes) Features of Custom Jerseys

Add lace up necks, fight straps, double layered elbows and more.



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