Additions and Features of Custom Jerseys


Here are a few features that may be added (or in some cases , already included) with your custom jerseys.
Prices vary with each feature.


v-neck.jpg (12736 bytes) square-v-neck.jpg (17232 bytes) knitted-v-neck.jpg (11790 bytes)
Self V-Neck Square V-Neck Knitted V-Neck
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Y-neck.jpg (17996 bytes) lace-up-neck.jpg (11968 bytes) layered-neck.jpg (10819 bytes)
Y-Neck Lace Up Neck Layered Neck


double-elbows.jpg (8119 bytes) cover-stitch.jpg (19257 bytes) fight-strap.jpg (9641 bytes)
Double Elbows Cover Stitched Seams Fight Strap
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weighted-hem.jpg (15103 bytes) side-panel.jpg (7988 bytes) gussett.jpg (10341 bytes)
Weighted Hem Mesh Side Panels Underarm Gussetts
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