Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Hockey Crests


  • What type of cresting does Big Stick offer?
  • Why do you print the crest on twill and sew it on?
  • What are sublimation crests?
  • What are Custom-cut twill crests?
  • Can you make a single crest for me?
  • After our original team order, can you make a single crest?
  • What if I already have my jerseys, can you just print the crests?
  • I'm uncertain about your work, can you send me some samples?
  • What do I need to do to prepare the logo to be printed?
  • What if I only have a jpg of the logo?
  • How big should the logos be?
  • Can you create a logo for our team?


We are equipped to do your cresting in a variety of methods to suit your budget. We are equipped for sublimation printing, either directly on the jersey or on a twill patch,   printed and cut film or twill and professional-quality embroidery. We have the flexibility to crest your jerseys using the method that is most suited for your logo and your budget.

Because it looks better and lasts longer. When you print your crest directly on a mesh shirt you lose the details and end up with mesh holes all over the logo. Having your crest printed on twill and sewn to the jersey gives it a very sharp and professional look for only a few dollars more.

Using dye inks, your design is transferred onto a twill patch rather than printed through screens as in silk screening. The advantages of doing crests this way is: the prints never fade or crack as they are dyed into the material, it looks good and lasts a long time and it is easier to print extra crests when you add a player to your team.

subdye-crest-cu.jpg (10422 bytes)

Also known as "applique crests", they involve taking specially cut peices of twill, layering them on top of each other and sewing them together. This method is used by NHL teams like Philadelphia and Calgary who have logos that are not too complex. It is also widely used for the script lettering logos often seen on baseball and college uniforms. The cost depends on the number of colours and the amount of sewing needed. The price is higher than screen printing but the final crest looks superb. What you can do to get a more accurate idea of the cost is email us a small version of the crest indicating how big it will be and the different colours involved. See some examples.

cut-twill-cu.jpg (12082 bytes)

Sometimes, but not always. We deal with this on a case by case basis.

Yes. We can do add-ons for sublimated crests, custom-cut twill, cut film and embroidery. We pride ourselves on our follow-up service.

Sure can. The crests come with a light adhesive on the back that allow them to be ironed into place. We provide you with an instruction sheet for sewing the crests on. All you need is a friend with a sewing machine.

Yes. Give us your address and we'll send you some small prints, small numbers and some material swatches. You'll agree we do a great job. Also, we do not sell your address to junk mail companies, it will remain safe with us.

Your logo should be submitted in a vectored computer file such as CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator. Vectored art allows us to increase the size of the logo without any loss of detail and also allows us to separate the colours for printing.

If you send your file via email it is wise to send an additional copy of your logo saved in an unchangeable format (gif, jpeg etc.) Sometimes artwork will change if fonts are not compatible. A jpeg logo will allow us to see exactly what the finished crest should look like.

If your logo is a jpg, gif, bmp or needs to be altered then there may be an additional charge to get it ready for printing.

That's up to you but for the front crest on an adult sized jersey, anything less than 10" X 10" starts to look small. Generally, the maximum size for a single logo should be no more than 14" high and 12" wide to get a good print. The yoke on an adult jersey is about 6" across so shoulder crests should fit within this width. We take extra time to size your crest correctly so if you are not sure, just ask us to size it for you.

We have a large selection of pre-drawn animal heads and other common themes that can be used as is or with the team name added in text. Email us and we'll let you know what we have. We can also create crests with just your team name in various layouts such as script with a tail, arched, diagonal and more.

Should you want a logo that is entirely your own, we provide links to graphic designers who specialize in creating hockey logos and custom illustrations.

Please note: We cannot reproduce logos that belong to a third party. So if you obtained your logo from unknown sources it may be the property of the author or organization. We would need permission from the copyright owner before we could reproduce it.


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