Hockey Crests



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Text Lettering

Have a team name but no logo? Choose from a variety of layouts for your team name.


skull.jpg (14472 bytes) Stock Logos

Need a logo? Ask us if we have the logo you need.
We've got Armadillos, Bandits, Bees, Bears, Braves, Buffalos..........

  Cresting Methods
tbones-small.jpg (14402 bytes) Crests Printed On Twill

Our most popular method of cresting for custom hockey jerseys
because it looks great and is affordable. Using dye sublimation,
crests are printed on to a twill patch, cut to the shape of the design and
sewn to the jersey.

subdye-direct-square-small.jpg (9492 bytes) Printed Direct On The Jersey

For economy, have your logo printed direct on the jerseys.
We use a variety of methods to suit your budget.

msn-small.jpg (11671 bytes) Embroidered & Cut Twill Crests

Our embroidered crests are of the highest quality!
Using computerized embroidery, the logos are stitched on twill and then
sewn to the jersey for the highest quality professional crest.

silk-screening.jpg (14079 bytes) Artwork Specifications

How to submit your logo for reproduction.

question-sign.jpg (7478 bytes) Frequently Asked Questions about Crests

Many answers to your questions lie here.


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